From Website to WebMIGHT (eBook + Infographic)


Your guide to building a data-driven content engine, lead funnel & next-gen online presence.

We’ve been building websites for over two decades now. This is a substantial span of time, but the sites we’ve built since the early 90’s are remarkably consistent.

CMS’s, HTML5, and advanced JavaScript libraries have all augmented the functionality of sites, but the basic structure and content components of a typical website have remained essentially unchanged for twenty years.

This eBook and infographic propose a new website anatomy that’s dynamic, lean, and tailored (as needed, in real-time) to support different conclusions and objectives drawn from marketing data.

We hope they help enhance the impact of your own online marketing efforts.

Next-gen website anatomy is data-driven and dynamic rather than one-size-fits-all and static. It can change, grow, and contract as needed, in real time, based on market research.


These resources will help you:
discover ideal content ratios
avoid common website anatomy traps
use video to your advantage
increase lead generation
enhance audience connections

Download the eBook & Infographic

From Website to WebMIGHT!

    Your guide to building a data-driven content engine, lead funnel & next-gen online presence.

Next-Gen Website Anatomy

    Next-gen website anatomy is dynamic, lean, and tailored to marketing data.

Quimby Melton


Quimby is the founder and president of Studio Hyperset. He started Studio Hyperset in 2006 after studying Transatlantic literature and culture, new media, and humanities computing at the Universities of Georgia (AB, 00) and Nevada, Las Vegas (MA, 03; PhD, 08). He has a background in literary studies, media production, front-end development, and project management. His current primary duties involve helping clients frame solutions that meet their needs; scoping and managing Studio Hyperset's growth strategy and business development pipeline; finding and developing talent; and, most importantly, supporting the SH team.