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Studio Hyperset

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Studio Hyperset manages a global, geographically-agnostic network of federated professionals that runs 24/7. Connect with us to learn more about the opportunities this creates.


Quimby Melton

Quimby Melton



Quimby is the founder and president of Studio Hyperset. He started Studio Hyperset in 2006 after studying Transatlantic literature and culture, new media, and humanities computing at the Universities of Georgia (AB, 00) and Nevada, Las Vegas (MA, 03; PhD, 08). Professionally, he has a background in literary studies, media production, project management, technology development, customer acquisition, and data analytics. His current duties involve: dialoguing with clients; scoping and managing SH's growth strategy and business development pipeline; framing and stabilizing its organizational and operational systems; finding and developing talent; and, most importantly, supporting the SH team.

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Angela Winston

Angela Winston

Director of Service Operations


Angela has a professional background developing websites and apps using WordPress, Bootstrap, Rails, Backbone, JavaScript, and jQuery. Before joining Studio Hyperset, Angela was a a "Jane of all trades," working as a SCUBA instructor in Hawaii and starting a massage therapy company in Colorado. If she isn’t creating fun things on her laptop, you can probably find her playing outside or traveling.

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