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Studio Hyperset

We build bridges that connect creatives, clients & audiences.

There are no longer buyers, customers, or users. There are only audiences and the content that engages them.
The modern world huddles around great content — around glowing film screens, phones, tablets, televisions, and computer monitors — the same way our ancestors did cave fires. And that archetypal experience, woven deeply into our psyches, allows Studio Hyperset to use content to build meaningful communities for businesses like yours.

Solutions for Your Business

Our mission involves helping clients grow and evolve, empowering and adding value to their businesses and lives, and working with them to find catharsis and formal order in a world of anxiety and chaos.
We can help your business enhance its growth strategy by building, activating, and managing reliable, scalable, and measurable frameworks that:
Here are five specific ways we can help build bridges between your business and its audience.

Timeline Express

1. Strategy

We want your success as much as you do. And when Studio Hyperset partners with organizations like yours, we’re dedicated to building long-term relationships.

We achieve this goal by focusing on project management, effective communications, and by helping our clients reach their goals faster.

Rather than following a brute-force, one-size-fits-all, everyone-must-have-it approach to media development, we also help our clients articulate strategy first and then plug in relevant collateral, as necessary, to achieve neatly-defined objectives.

Once we know our destination, we can plug in the relevant branding elements, sites, solutions, apps, audience-building mechanisms, cinema-quality videos, infographics, and other campaign resources that will help us get there.

This is the covenant we make with all our clients.

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2. Team

Studio Hyperset manages a global, geographically-agnostic network of federated professionals that runs 24/7.

Unlike individual freelancers, who lack the ability to scale, and traditional agencies, who are limited by overhead and to an in-house team, Studio Hyperset can scale up rapidly, augment its talent pool as needed, and complete projects quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

In many ways, SH is a freelancer-agency hybrid, a scaled-up individual who evolves on demand and combines the capacity and reliability of an agency with the warm relationship advantages offered by freelancers.

Meet the Team

Quimby Melton
Huntington Bch, USA
Strategy & Leadership
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Angela Kosek
Colorado, USA
Project Management
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Bruno Cantuária
Web Applications

Domenic Barilla
Perth, Australia

Elke Hinze
Florida, USA
Mobile Applications
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Nick Roth
Los Angeles, USA
Videos & Storytelling

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3. Time

Studio Hyperset uses contemporary project management tools, progressive communication solutions, and intuitive personnel workflows to minimize common frustrations associated with the client/agency relationship.

We can help your business substantially decrease development and review cycles, increase speed to market, and streamline the processes of creating content and executing marketing strategies.

For example, typical content dev/review/launch cycles run 15-30 days. We routinely complete the same cycles in a week or less.

Dev/Review/Launch Cycle
in days

Have an urgent request? Our globally-distributed team watches the master communications feed 24/7.

No more tangled email chains, endless follow ups, or unresponsive talent.

All your to do's just get 'to done.'
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4. Content

Audience Focused

In the 21st century, successful brands treat design, engagement, and marketing as overlapping, mutually-reinforcing entities.

Studio Hyperset can help your business leverage strategy and technology to create marketing collateral that generates leads and builds and engages audiences.

Whether we’re creating websites, applications, infographics, reports, eBooks, or videos, we can help you build audience acquisition, engagement, and monetization into the content itself.

Going Native

Like novels, paintings, and plays, 21st-century brands like yours sustain themselves by building, engaging, and delighting audiences.

Using native content strategies, we can help you blur the friction-generating, alienating, and increasingly irrelevant lines that separate sponsored content from creative content.

Imagine using eBooks, infographics, TV-style episodic storytelling, long-form essays, and even documentaries and films to increase awareness; build, organize, and track an audience that’s all yours; and, by doing so, increase and diversify revenue opportunities.

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5. Reporting & Analysis

In addition to audience tracking, Studio Hyperset can help monitor the online marketing efforts of your competitors.

Use the data in your customized report to identify opportunities, optimize content, and improve your online marketing strategy.

The service also includes a dedicated reporting strategist who’s always available to help you analyze and fine-tune marketing and content creation strategies.

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Studio Hyperset offers free, confidential marketing evaluations. There’s absolutely no cost or obligation. After we receive your answers, we'll review them and schedule a phone call or online chat session to dialogue about any opportunities we see.

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