Guest edited by Andrew Topel, 2.2 features a special section titled “Illuminated Script: 30 Years of Visual Poetry & Intermedia.” Visual poet Karl Kempton wrote an introduction to the section (“Sound Illumination”) and, along with Topel, shared some of his work alongside a diverse number of other contributors from around the world.

These include: Fernando Aguiar, Lisbon, Portugual; Dmitry Babenko, Krasnodar, Russia; Klaus Peter Dencker, Ahrensburg, Germany; K.S. Ernst, New Jersey, USA; Ebon Heath, Brooklyn, New York, USA & Berlin, Germany; Scott Helmes, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA; Loris Essary, Austin, Texas, USA; Márton Koppány, Budapest, Hungary; Kaz Maslanka, San Diego, California, USA; Hassan Massoudy, Paris, France; Marilyn R. Rosenberg, New York, USA; Carol Stetser, Sedona, Arizona, USA; Constantin Xenakis, Paris, France; and Paul Zelevansky, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Also, please note that, since it’s is so heavily populated with slideshows, and so minimally populated by text, will not be preparing a PDF eText edition of this issue. Mobile and eReader devices (iPhones, iPads, Kindles, &tc.) can still browse the issue, however, via web browser, and previous issues of are available for purchase at Scribd. All proceeds defray the cost of site hosting, issue development and, as funds allow, allow to give contributors ex gratia honoraria for their work.

The next issue of will feature Lesescenarios old and new, many translated into English for the first time, and a section concerned with Lettrism.

Those interested in submitting work for inclusion can learn about doing so here. is especially interested in receiving unproduced screenplays for the Lesescenario section.

A few final points.

Later this year or early next, will also release a user-driven hypermedia literary space and, in conjunction with The New Post-literate, a commercial gallery and series of eText imprints to be sold via the soon-to-be deployed SCRIPTshop. also recently set up a YouTube channel and Flickr photostream. While they’ll be used to share other things from time to time, these primarily serve as citation-documented, effectively permanent, iPad/iPhone-driven archives of tattoos, graffiti, and other marginal(ized) textual forms.

Those interested in submitting work for inclusion in both or either can learn about doing so here.

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