Set Your Words on Fire (eBook)


Learn how online content and social media can revolutionize your sales and marketing efforts.

Sales Funnel Sales Pipeline Marketing Funnel

Sales Funnel Sales Pipeline Marketing Funnel

We’ve been looking for a tool that would help us communicate the value of marketing stacks and guide the construction of these stacks for our clients.

Our new eBook is the result.

It’s a sort of “choose your own adventure” resource that includes information on:

  • the major types of online (marketing) content
  • the contemporary marketing pipeline
  • the pipeline stage to which each type of content is best suited
  • the major contemporary content platforms
  • the pipeline stage(s) to which each platform is best suited

For example, if we know we needed to raise awareness about a client among 18-34 year-old male sports fans, we’d do very well to create some sort of video game and share information about this game on YouTube. We’d also know it best to avoid Pinterest and Vine entirely.

When it came time to engage this audience, we’d do well to start a sports-oriented podcast on SoundCloud and share information about this podcast on Twitter. Again, there wouldn’t be much of a need to spend time working with Pinterest and Vine.

We hope the eBook helps enhance the impact of your own online marketing efforts.

This document will allow you to take a marketing need (“raise awareness,” “increase engagement”), combine it with a demographic variable (gender, age), and determine what kind of content you should create and where you should circulate it.

Sales Funnel Sales Pipeline Marketing Funnel

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In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:
align your content with certain phases of the buyer’s journey
focus your efforts on platforms relevant to your audience
combine marketing needs with demographic variables to guide content-creation and social-sharing efforts
increase lead generation
enhance audience connections

Sales Funnel Sales Pipeline Marketing Funnel

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Set Your Words on Fire

    Studio Hyperset’s master guide to content, platforms, and the contemporary marketing pipeline.

Quimby Melton


Quimby is the founder and president of Studio Hyperset. He started Studio Hyperset in 2006 after studying Transatlantic literature and culture, new media, and humanities computing at the Universities of Georgia (AB, 00) and Nevada, Las Vegas (MA, 03; PhD, 08). He has a background in literary studies, media production, front-end development, and project management. His current primary duties involve helping clients frame solutions that meet their needs; scoping and managing Studio Hyperset's growth strategy and business development pipeline; finding and developing talent; and, most importantly, supporting the SH team.