Page-Links Plus Review


Basic, single-page option plugin available for download from the WordPress plugin directory. Additional modules available for purchase from the Page-Links Plus homepage.

WPNuggets, “a collection of well writen reviews about free and paid WordPress plugins,” recently published a review of Studio Hyperset‘s WordPress pagination plugin.

An integrated, comprehensive pagination solution for WordPress, Page-Links Plus includes a free single-page module and three paid add-on modules: Pagination Styles, Auto Pagination, and Scrolling Pagination

The WPNuggets review summarizes the modules and the installation process and praises the WordPress single page plugin, the elegance of auto paginating WordPress pages and posts, and the Pagination Styles module’s “Sample Anatomy” section, which helps users map their HTML and front-end styles.

The complete review can be found here: “Page-Links Plus Plugin Review” (2 October 2012. [2 October 2012]).

To learn more about Page-Links Plus, click here. To purchase individual modules for $5 and $10, or the three module set for $12, click here.

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