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DEPRECIATED – For an up-to-date version of the Studio Hyperset PHP mobile redirect script, please visit SH‘s Google code project site. To read more about the script, please visit this hyper/boʊl/e post and visit the links listed below.

The popularity of the Studio Hyperset Mobile Redirection PHP script has created many comments and postings. Rather than continue to update each page in the conversation with a link to further discussions, SH decided to make this index. On each new discussion posting (and now on all the old ones), a link to this index will be/has been posted so that users can browse all the relevant postings no matter what specific post they happen to load.

On this index page, I’ll also post a link to the most current version of the script for ease of access to it.

This should help keep things better organized.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming!

Current script @ Google Code


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