Kickstarter Success for Healing of Love


In March and April 2015, Studio Hyperset assisted filmmakers Ian MacKenzie and John Wolfstone with the Kickstarter campaign for their new film, Healing of Love: Sex, Partnership and the Village. The film, 35 years in the making, is intended to be a provocative short film that explores the new mythology of love and sexuality for the modern age.

Their goal was to raise $21,000 to fund the filmmaking, but the campaign funded at $23,275: 110% of the original goal.

Studio Hyperset supported the campaign in a number of ways. We researched and organized contacts, implemented a broad outreach strategy, and tracked and analyzed conversion and other analytical data. Before the campaign launched, Ian and John had a clear idea of how they wanted to run their campaign and had an deep familiarity with the community they were trying to reach. This is an important advantage for anyone interested in engaging a crowdfunding effort.

In the end, this project was successful because everyone involved consistently targeted clearly-defined communities and the filmmakers expressed the campaign’s goals and mission clearly and concisely, which resulted in average conversion rates of 10-12%.

Marketing Plan
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Whitney Allison

Marketing Director

Whitney served as SH's marketing director from 2014-16. She studied Marketing with a minor in Management Information Systems at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also the co-founder of Peritus Coffee: a craft coffee roaster in Fort Collins, CO.