Light the Way (Project Management eBook)


Learn how to use effective project management techniques and communication systems to build great relationships with your customers and teammates.

Project Management eBook

Project Management eBook

Project management is the steady north star for any successful venture. At Studio Hyperset, we’ve spent the past decade placing it at the center of everything we do, and this has allowed us to build two valuable things for our clients:

  • an ultra-responsive support and operations framework
  • a talented team of reliable, client-focused professionals

These resources help SH operate faster, and handle more volume, than many other service businesses. Our project management system leverages a 24/7 communication network, global talent resources, and a variety of intuitive workflows and technology solutions. Collectively, these help minimize most common frustrations associated with both teammate and client-vendor relationships:

  • tangled email chains
  • endless follow ups
  • unresponsive talent and disengaged leadership
  • strategic confusion and tactical gaps

As all this might suggest, project management is a sort of religion to us. Like most everyone else, we’ve experienced the world (and professional situations) when it’s been proactively present and passively absent.

There’s no contest which facilitates the best relationships and which maximizes satisfaction, intended results, and, most importantly, catharsis.

We’ve organized this project management handbook around such values.

It outlines the four “noble truths” of Studio Hyperset’s project management philosophy as well as some specific tactics and modular elements we use to keep our service operations pipeline running as smoothly as possible.

We’ve gained these insights and built our project management solution stack through trial-and-error, hard work, team discussions, reading and research, personal experience, and a lot of client and teammate patience.

We hope taking an “open source” approach to these systems will help:

  • teammates, clients, and service vendors build great professional relationships
  • project managers build better communications systems earlier and faster
  • our mission values circulate more widely

We hope this eBook will help teammates, clients, and service vendors build effective communications systems earlier and faster. Great professional relationships will follow.

Project Management eBook

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In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:
avoid tangled email chains and endless follow ups
align talent and leadership
prevent strategic confusion
close tactical gaps
enhance customer and teammate relationships

Project Management eBook

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    Learn how effective communication systems can help you build great relationships with customers and teammates.

Quimby Melton


Quimby is the founder and president of Studio Hyperset. He started Studio Hyperset in 2006 after studying Transatlantic literature and culture, new media, and humanities computing at the Universities of Georgia (AB, 00) and Nevada, Las Vegas (MA, 03; PhD, 08). He has a background in literary studies, media production, front-end development, and project management. His current primary duties involve helping clients frame solutions that meet their needs; scoping and managing Studio Hyperset's growth strategy and business development pipeline; finding and developing talent; and, most importantly, supporting the SH team.