5 Questions with Elke Hinze


Being a developer means taking a client’s dream and making it a reality.

Elke Hinze has worked as a web developer for 10 years. She specializes in WordPress plugins and themes and custom PHP applications. She completed an MS in Information Technology with a specialization in System Design and Programming from Capella University in 2005. Elke has worked for a variety of companies including the US-Army, The Manitowoc Company, and Orion Energy Systems. In her spare time, you’ll find Elke slaying pixel dragons with the best of them in World of Warcraft.

1.What is your role at Studio Hyperset? What is your professional background?

I am a web developer for Studio Hyperset. I started in web development wayyy back in 1995 when the WWW was in its infancy. I remember seeing sites on Geocities and thinking that I could create what these people had done. So I reviewed their source code and started learning that way.

2.What project management tools do you use?

I use Basecamp and the calendar tool on my iPhone to keep track of important events.

3.What communication solutions do you use during the development process?

Basecamp! I love being able to refer to old conversations and find notes and other items I need. Email works for short, non-timely messages, but Basecamp really works best for conversation-intensive operations with lots of moving parts. We use Slack quite a bit for real-time team discussions, which is amazing! It works very well for sharing quick screenshots when discussing active projects.

4.What are some personal workflows you use when developing a project?

I tend to follow the traditional software development life cycle. It’s so important to start a project and progress through the work in the proper fashion. This helps prevent problems later on, which saves both time and money and headaches.

5.What experience do you want people to take away from your work?

One of the things I love the most about being a developer is taking a client’s dream and making it a reality. I really love helping people, and I can do that by creating pixel-magic for them! I hope all clients have excellent experiences when working with me and that they find the process simple and painless.

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Cynthia Wilson

Chief Relationship Officer

Cynthia served as SH's CRO from 2013-16. She studied Journalism and Technical Communication, with a focus on Public Relations and a minor in music, at Colorado State University. In her professional life, she's worked with a number of different companies including the music incubator SpokesBuzz, where she managed social media and blog content for their SXSW showcase. Cynthia has also managed PR and logistics for the USA Pro Challenge Women's Grand Prix, served as content manager for Cheese Chick Productions' "Best of Show" project at the American Cheese Society's annual conference, and coordinated marketing for the MouCo Cheese Company. In addition to serving as CRO, Cynthia created content for Studio Hyperset's "3 for 3" blog post series.