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Our ‘good media’ builds bridges that connect creatives, clients & audiences.

Good media matters.

In the pre-modern world, human beings were under near-constant physical threat: from starvation, from disease, from physical injury. The world is still a very chaotic, noisy, and threatening place, but we’ve displaced physical threats with psychological ones, with an almost constant need to make meaning from our increasingly abstract surroundings, to interpret and express data, language, and symbols.

Inelegant design and noisy media compound this problem. They draw attention to themselves like broken, clanking bells and make us feel as if there’s something wrong with ourselves, that we’re not smart enough or committed enough or dutiful enough. They put the burden of meaning-making on the audience. Conversely, elegant expressions of design and concrete media carry that burden for the audience. As a result, they’re reassuring, and even when they disrupt, they do so in the interest of clarification or improvement: of knowledge, of understanding. Ultimately, they soothe and offer refuge and protection, and we rally around great films, essays, and poems now just as early man huddled around his cave fire.

Like great films, essays, and poems (and novels, concerti, sermons, paintings, sculptures, lectures, graphics, &c.), effective websites and engaging videos — and their constituent, arterial arts — carry meaning between people and across time and geography. We create these things because they’re unlimited where we are limited, and by carrying expressions of meaning into the world, they have the ability to introduce balance, harmony, and direction into what would otherwise be intolerable madness and entropy.

This unified theory of "good media" informs everything Studio Hyperset does. Our mission is making that sensibility communal and contagious by ushering instances of order, balance, harmony, and elegance into the world and using the good media we create to build bridges that connect creatives, clients, and audiences.

Studio Hyperset is a media design, development, and strategy firm based in Huntington Beach, CA. We help clients create and execute marketing strategies and build relevant campaign collateral, including cinema-quality videos and WordPress websites and plugins.

Studio Hyperset began its life in 2006 as a vertically-integrated, client-focused creative services firm. Since then, we've helped businesses, individuals, and non-profits from all over the world build a diverse set of media collateral. Over the past nine years, Studio Hyperset has grown and diversified. In addition to our creative services, we now build media and solutions of our own.

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Bridges matter.

"Sidereal phalanxes, leap and converge:
—One Song, one Bridge of Fire!"
— Hart Crane, The Bridge: "Atlantis"

Imagine three islands separated by a vast body of water. Without some reliable connection framework, the inhabitants of each island find it difficult to share ideas and resources.

The contemporary professional landscape exists in much the same way.

Creative talent finds itself isolated from clients and generally connects with projects reactively and as a result of luck.

When project patrons need creative talent to help them connect with their audiences, they find themselves overwhelmed by an influx of unvetted, uncurated vendors and, in due course, a distracting series of project management tasks.

Studio Hyperset builds, manages, and maintains reliable, scalable bridges between creative talent and project patrons. In so doing, we help each community establish mutually-beneficial tribal structures.

And the "good media" we deliver helps businesses and nonprofits build and maintain bridges with their audiences.

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Project management matters.

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“ ... steadfast as Keats’ Eremite, ...
It asks of us a certain height,
So when at times the mob is swayed
To carry praise or blame too far,
We may choose something like a star
To stay our minds on and be staid."
— Robert Frost, “Choose Something Like a Star”

Even if we weren’t constantly aware of it, humanity has always been focused on reaching the stars.

In our earliest moments, we looked up at the night sky and saw gods.

Then, in time, we left the earth ourselves and looked back on it, just as our deities had, not so long ago. Like Prometheus, we claimed their privilege as our own and did with it as we pleased.

Project management got us to that point, and it sustained us as we busied ourselves with other tasks, steadily preparing for the giant leap outward to immortality.

In prehistoric times, project management brought down game and put meat on the fire. It built our earliest cities and organized all our empires (for better and for worse).

Project management orchestrates symphonies and stages operas. It brings forth the films we love and puts novels in our hands. It builds cathedrals and paints their interiors.

Project management is the midwife of all "good media." It makes us larger and more powerful than we could ever could be on our own.

It’s the steady north star at the center of any successful project.

As its effectiveness increases, though, so does its transparency. Problems dissolve and disappear. As such, communicating the value of project management can be difficult, but that just makes doing so all the more important, all the more necessary.

Project management took us to the moon, and it will get us to Mars and all the stars beyond it.

In fact, it’s already pushed humanity’s media into interstellar space.

And when the first of us leave our solar neighborhood, to colonize the wider universe, it’s project management that will power us and keep us moving ever outward.


Relationship    Strategy    Media

Sites and solutions, community development, cinema-quality videos, infographics, crowdfunding and marketing strategy -- Studio Hyperset offers a diverse menu of services. However, we like to work out from the relationship rather than in from the task expression. This enables us to develop long-term, mutually-empowering partnerships that help clients reach their goals faster and serve their own professional networks more comprehensively.

And rather than following a brute-force, one-size-fits-all, everyone-must-have-it approach to media development, we help our clients articulate strategy first and then plug in relevant collateral, as necessary, to achieve neatly-defined objectives.

Reach out to us when you're ready to start dialoguing.

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(Responsive) WordPress Development

Translation Support

Data Handling

(Responsive) WordPress Development

Score-o-Matic Web App

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Patreon Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Marketing Strategy

Studio Hyperset has several white-label and NDA-driven partnerships.

Working in this capacity, we've built a custom ticketing solution; handled technology damage control for an important business figure; built a sales network for a media offering; strategized, managed, and executed a successful crowdfunding campaign; and built a data management solution for a national American network.

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Page-Links Plus

A WordPress plugin that helps users paginate content easily & efficiently.


Sidejump helps synchronize development, staging, and production instances of WordPress.

Advanced Dates

Extending the literary, documentary, and archival potential of WordPress, this plugin allows publishers to easily customize the publication year of posts and pages.


Adds Google’s No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA to bbPress forms.

Show Authors in Page List

Allows developers to display author names within wp_list_pages-generated page lists.

Sort Page List by Last Name

Aimed at archivists and other WordPress developers who use the names of individuals as page titles, this plugin sorts wp_list_pages-generated page lists by last name. More generally, the plugin can also be used to sort wp_list_pages-generated page lists by the last word of any page's title.

Video & Film


Happy Canyon Club

An independent film production team based in Los Angeles, CA.

Live Free or Die!

A serial comedy/drama focused on urban expatriate Edward Dewey and his experiences at “Misty Mountain”: a present-day New Hampshire commune.

Self Expression

PLP in :02

Page-Links Plus is a WordPress pagination plugin that helps users paginate content easily & efficiently.

Case Study

This video helped increase key conversion rates, sales, and exposure to the social web. Learn more »

Sidejump in :01

Sidejump helps synchronize development, staging, and production instances of WordPress.

Client Projects


Since 2006, Studio Hyperset has produced 6-8 event videos per year for BMI.


Client testimonial video. View the full, five-minute cut on Vimeo.

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