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Nick Roth

Nick Roth

Producer, Editor, Writer

Happy Canyon Club

Nick Roth has worked in nearly all facets of film and television production: writing, editing, producing, and occasionally starring in a number of award-winning shorts, documentaries, television shows, music videos and feature films. He also has a PhD in English from Cornell University, where for three years he taught film and writing. In 2013, Nick was tapped by Dream Author and the China Film Group to co-write and act as associate producer on $17mil 3D adventure/epic Chui Deng Legend, currently in production in Beijing. He has written, financed, and/or produced all of Happy Canyon Club’s productions. Nick is also producing an educational documentary on film and television directing with his father, director Bobby Roth (Lost, Prison Break, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), currently in post-production with a slated release later this year.

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